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Does Life Coaching Actually Work?

Getting a life coach can be more than a good idea; it can be essential! A life coach offers a sounding board for your ideas, a professional invested in you and your future, someone dedicated to listening and supporting you.

Sustainable Life Coach works with you to navigate lifes changes, help you achieve what you thought was impossible and most importantly, gives you the tools to be consistent. Long lasting "Sustainable" (clue is in the name) results, that you can use over and over again.

Working One to One is the most beneficial and powerful work where we can go deep and truly uncover your potential.

Working on not just you but your leadership skills and your wider business culture will transform how you experience the world. This is SLC in Business.

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Can Life Coaching Help with Depression?

Depression holds a number of diverse challenges, from daily tasks to feelings of hopelessness. While medical treatments like medication and therapy exist, individuals often seek uplifting alternatives to bolster their support. Life coaching sessions become an option for those seeking additional positive support beyond traditional methods.

In sessions, coaches challenge clients to overcome hurdles blocking their goals, whether from inner doubts or lifestyle. The type of Deep Coaching Sustainable Life Coach offers involves ongoing, one-on-one training to help navigate change. Implementing strategies for a fulfilling transformation. It's about achieving what you thought was impossible, finding balance, and unleashing strengths for a better future.

People grappling with depression often endure emotions of worthlessness, distress, and despair. They also face symptoms like decreased motivation and a lack of interest or pleasure in activities they typically enjoy.

Many individuals with depression explore various treatments offered by doctors. Some discover optimism in life coaching as an alternative to conventional counseling or  therapy. While doctors caution against using multiple talk therapies simultaneously for mental health treatment, exploring life coaching offers hope. It's beneficial to have conversations with your doctor, therapist, or counselor, as well as a potential life coach, to assess if life coaching could be a positive fit for your condition.

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Therapy vs Coaching. What's the difference?

A lot of people ask "What's the difference between Therapy and Coaching". And it's a great question.

An easy distinction is therapy will look into your past to affect your present, where as a coach will look into your present to affect your future. Both lead you on a journey of self-discovery that enable you to explore your psyche and beliefs and the way you view the world. However coaching will always lead to action that moves you into a desired way of being.

There is a space for every type of support. One thing to think about is if you employ the services of a therapist, some may find themselves in therapy for many years without having taken any action and be in the same position that they started in. Therapists are limited to what they can say and this inability to speak as honestly and frankly, can result in clients not developing as fast and as effectively as if they had secured the services of a life coach.

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Is a Life Coach worth it?

Choosing a life coach is making an investment in yourself – it pays off big time. Imagine hitting your goals, smashing through limiting beliefs, and unlocking a whole new level of potential – with real longlasting results. That's the real deal.

But it's not just about personal wins. We all crave connection, right? A life coach can help you build those solid ties with family, partners, work collegues. That's the good stuff.

And for your company, Coaches unlock executive wisdom for professionals. Financial savvy and an outside view that's a game-changer. The return on investment? It's through the roof.

Ready to dial up your personal and professional game? Book a session with our coach today. Your goals, your connections – they're all within reach. Time to invest in yourself and cash in on the rewards.

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What is coaching?

Coaching is a one-to-one service that turns circumstances into opportunities through unique goal setting and respectful listening.

Your Coach is here to guide and give you the ability to change your life for the better. To hell with Youtube videos designed for the masses. This is time with a human that listens to you, as the amazing individual you are.

What are your fees?

The world is becoming a crazy place financially, and as you may have noticed, every session has a time commitment of 2 hours.

This is a commitment from both parties to make sure we find the right fit, this "Discovery Session" has and always will be free - if we have the right fit the fees will be discussed within the session.

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